Barb's Bars

Vegan energy bars to fuel whatever it is that makes you a badass.


Barb's Bars

Vegan energy bars to fuel whatever it is that makes you a badass.

What makes you a badass each day?

Hiking, biking, mud runs, or just a long day of sled riding?
Taking care of 2 kids, a dog, and your 4 year old's imaginary friend?
Preparing for finals, boards, or just a marathon day of yard work?

What ever it is, Barb's Bars will give you the fuel you need to accomplish life's big goals and all the little ones in between. 

Barb's Bars are vegan whole food energy bars that are satisfying and delicious. They're made with real stuff and don't claim to make you a body builder or a supermodel-They simply make your belly happy and keep you fueled for whatever comes your way. 




Put Good stuff in, get good stuff out

Vegan, made with Organic ingredients, no preservatives. And the best part?
They're  super delicious.

Real food, real good. 

How you can expect to kick ass and
take names if you don't properly fuel
yourself along the way?

Barb has been an advocate for organic, clean, and local eating for as long as she's been old enough to wield a spatula. High cholesterol turned her vegan-ish and lead her to create Barb's Bars. Proper nutrition will provide you with energy to make the most of your day, and being able to provide it all with no animal by-products makes it even better. 





Do you think that our Bars would be great addition to your coffee shop, cafe or grocery store?

So do we!
We're baking up something great for you and your customers. Barb's Bar's will quickly become a wholesome favorite and one of your best sellers. 

*Minium wholesale order: 1 dozen
*Wholesale discount applied during checkout
* Contact Barb at to get the wholesale coupon code and shop away!

Curious about custom flavors?
Just ask!



B3! Barb's Bars Blog

B3! Barb's Bars Blog



Roasted Cauliflower

with Thai Basil Salt


B3! Barb's Bars Blog is finally up and running.  This is my second blog, my first, The Cakes Not Ready To Bake Yet, was about my journey through breast cancer. I know the title doesn't make sense, so from that blog, here is why I called it that:

An odd name for a blog on cancer.

When I learned I had BC and needed a mastectomy my initial reaction was: get it out, get it out now,  just take off my breast and lets get this therapy going. But we had to wait for all the tests to come back.  This didn’t really set well with me, we know it’s cancer, we know I need a mastectomy, just do it, the rest of the tests don’t make a difference here…get it out now!

Then I went to the Breast Surgeon and she said and I will paraphrase:

You are a Chef think of it this way: you are baking a cake and you get all your ingredients together and you are missing one or two ingredients.  You are going to need to go get them, go to the grocery store so think of this surgery the same way, we don’t have all the pieces together to move forward, so “the cake is not ready to bake yet!”

I wonder if I am carrot, chocolate or vanilla cake?

  I digress, which I do often! 

So here we are, this blog will have recipes, cooking tips and craziness!  Come and enjoy the ride!